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Top 5 hairstyles donned by MS Dhoni

MSD is known for playing with his hairstyle a lot and we have the 5 most famous hairdos of MSD.

By Bhadavi Bandekar -

MS Dhoni has come a long way from being a small town boy from Jharkhand, to becoming the most successful captain of Team India.

Since the very start of his career, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been in talks not just for his game, but also his changing hairstyles. No doubts he is blessed with great hair and he likes to experiment a lot with his hair. From long to bald to something like a Mohawk, then to jar headed and then a crew cut, or sometimes finely chopped. And we just love to see him in different avatar, don’t we!

So let’s take look at 5 hairstyles among so many hairstyles donned by Mahi: 

5. Long Hair

Since the time he entered international cricket, Mahi was in talks for his long and sleek hair. His long locks sometimes were colored golden-brown to jet-back. Even in the 2007 T20-World Cup, Dhoni had long hair with a little trim here and there. And just after the winning the T20 World Cup the Captain’s look was copied by many fans all over India. He was even complimented on his hairstyle by Pakistan’s then President Parvez Musharraf during the 2005 series between India and Pakistan.