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Virat Kohli reveals why he is not much happy with this series triumph

Virat Kohli would wear a “broader smile” once they can conquer the overseas season

By Rashmi Nanda -

Team India skipper Virat Kohli said that he is happy with the results as well feels proud with the current Indian set-up but he will wear "broader smile" on his face only when the current team will conquer an overseas season.

In the longest home season, India has won 10 Tests out of 13 Tests. Despite being such a good result, Kohli does not look happy. 

When asked why he does not look happy with the results, the skipper replied to PTI, “It is a classic case of understanding that this is not the end of anything. No need to get overexcited with whatever we have done. We are very happy with No 1 ranking in the world but our main challenge begins now. If we can conquer the overseas season, that’s when you will see a broader smile on my face when I sit down for the press conference.”

He further added, “It is a very proud moment. Playing good cricket all season, especially in the home season, we dominated all of it. It was very important for a young side to do so and build a team for the future so that we can give such performances consistently. That we did in this whole season and it was important how we responded to difficult situations.”

The Indian skipper also gave the all credit for their successful home season to all members of the squad including support staff, who handled the players’ mindset and their skills very well. Kohli added, “The credit goes to all of them, support staff’s role is not highlighted much but their contribution is nearly 40 percent because they handle the players’ mindset and their skills and working hard with them, giving them good feedback, so these are important things. So this is a team effort, rather this is a squad effort because it involves everyone. Credit goes to everyone in this squad.”

Kohli heaped praise on Ajinkya Rahane for his captaincy as well revealed that playing five bowlers and inclusion of Kuldeep Yadav in the squad was his deputy.

He stated, “I spoke to Jinks (Rahane’s team nickname) before the game and he asked me what I feel. I said, this is your game and you have to be comfortable with playing play four or five bowlers. He instantly said, five bowlers, because he understands the workloads of the guys throughout the whole season. So that fifth bowler that was Anil Bhai and Jinks and myself, we all had a discussion.”

The skipper further added, “Kuldeep was the X factor, they hadn’t played him, they hadn’t seen him much and he turned out to the difference in the game. I think from 130 for 1 to 300 all out on the same day can really demoralise the opposition. And I think it was a great call on Jinx and Anil Bhai's part.”

As we all know that it was very difficult for a skipper to watch the crucial game from the sidelines but Kohli said that is happy to see the team was ready to take collective responsibility in his absence.

He further stated, “I jerked my shoulder four times yesterday celebrating from outside. So that’s how much energy I had and I couldn’t sit in the change room. It was not a nice feeling. I don’t know how many Test matches I’ve played in a row (54). So if it was a strain injury it would have been different, but impact injury really left me with no options. And to start a game at 50% was not fair on the team. That’s the kind of person I have always been and I will continue to be. But the most pleasing thing is when you see guys taking the responsibility in your absence and actually going out there to play one of the best ever Test matches that as a viewer you can see.”

The Indian skipper has faced some criticism on and off the field due to his poor batting show, which has suddenly fallen down.  Kohli said on this matter, “Criticism is not in my control. I have heard a very wise person tell me that when a person is down, the weak come out to speak against him. It takes courage to talk about someone when they are on top. It is fine, I was targeted individually and I haven’t done well in this series, so opportunities galore for everyone to come out and speak to me, which is fine.”

He concluded, “When I did well, then also people talked about me. When I haven’t done well, obviously I expect people to come out and start saying all sorts of things. It is very easy to sit at home and write a blog or speak behind the mic (microphone). I think that’s easier than coming out and competing in the field. So that’s all I have to say about that.”