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Arun Jaitley defended MS Dhoni's Aadhaar card security issue

Jaitley says, The fact that technologies can be breached is no argument to not use Aadhaar.

By Nilabh Aole -

Finance minister Arun Jaitley defended the compulsory use of Aadhaar in filing tax returns in the middle of the Opposition’s concern over privacy and data security.

Recently, P Chidambaram brought up the debacle related to former cricket skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Aadhaar details being leaked. On Wednesday, Jaitley replied on the finance bill debate, he said, “It was a case of an immature behavior and the company has been blacklisted for 10 years. If the firewalls can be broken and hacking can take place, then hacking will take place anywhere. It is not a ground that hacking takes place only because Aadhaar is there.”

In the bill, the government has made it mandatory that one should have an Aadhaar number before filing tax returns for the current financial year and if anyone doesn't have an Aadhaar, then can apply for one and quote the application number.

While addressing to Rajya sabha, the finance minister said, “The fact that technologies can be breached is no argument to not use Aadhaar.”

Congress leaders like Chidambaram, Jairam Ramesh, and Kapil Sibal raised questions on Aadhaar’s security. Chidambaram asked, “Aadhaar was an instrument to service. It was never intended to tag it to income tax and bank accounts. Remember, Pentagon has been hacked. What is the guarantee you have to stop hacking of bank accounts and Aadhaar accounts?”

Replying to Chidambaram’s query, Jaitley said, “Technology always is a learning experience and the only way to prevent hacking is to strengthen the firewalls.”

Nilabh Aole

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