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BCCI to renew tender rights in January 2018

BCCI will bring out the tender for Indian cricket media rights in January 2018

By Rashmi Nanda -

BCCI to bring out a new tender of media rights next year. (Getty)

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are expecting more than that they got from the media rights of the Indian Premier League (IPL) when the national governing body will bring out the tender for Indian cricket media rights in January 2018.

After seeing such big amount for media rights of IPL, some cricket industry executives believe that the forthcoming tender for Indian cricket media rights will present a fresh canvas for the game of cricket at both the international and domestic level, which will run over the next four years from 2018.

According to Cricbuzz, ‘Those tracking developments suggest that an aggressive bid for these rights will have a huge effect on the following trends: A) BCCI will get to determine on a fresh note how player remunerations - at international and domestic level - need to be worked out. B) A new broadcast deal will have a major impact on how India's 'home season' needs to shape up in the backdrop of the new International Cricket Council (ICC) league structure. C) Aggressive bidding for these rights will have the potential to wipe out broadcast markets in the weaker cricket nations.’

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Star India bought the five-year IPL rights for Rs 16,347 crore, and with this deal, the BCCI will get Rs 43 cr per game, which played in India, from Star India for all international matches. And the market experts reckon that the Indian cricket board could expect this figure to get higher (per match) about between 20-25% at a minimum when BCCI will bring out the tender next year.

As per Cricbuzz, a cricket industry executive said, “It is on the basis of this income that BCCI will have to address the issue of player remuneration. At the moment, a first-class cricketer ends up earning around Rs 12 lakh per year, which is ridiculously low. That amount needs to go up.”

He further added on the same, “Alternately, there are cricketers who don't play the IPL or may not wish to in the future, simply to keep their prospects in the longer version intact. A separate corpus needs to be created for them. That is, if you want India to have more Cheteshwar Pujaras.”

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It is also learned that the Committee of Administrators (CoA) recently opined internally that 26% of the Indian Cricket Board's revenue needs to be reserved for the cricketers. But, there are some arguing, “the CoA first needs to figure what is the 100% in the first place, from which it's calculating the 26.”

Although, the cricket industry reckons that it will only be clear when the fresh sale of Indian cricket rights takes place next year in January.